Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License Part 61 Course Requirements

The Private Pilot Certificate forms the basic foundation towards your professional career. This certificate gives you to privilege to fly anywhere in the United States in a single-engine airplane under visual flight conditions and carry your friends and family members as passengers.

Our ground class curriculum will help you pass both FAA knowledge test and Checkride.


40 Hours of airplane Dual Flight Time

Knowledge test

Ground School

Pass the checkride

Genesis offers you total 60 hours of flight time and 20 hours of Ground class with the down payment of only $9999.00. This fee guarantees the accomplishment of your requirements for private pilot license.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


*The instrument rating is the stepping stone towards the professional flying career and is known to be one of the most challenging ratings to get. The instrument rating gives you privilege to fly in clouds or fly without any ground reference. Instrument training is designed to understand those disorientating feelings, tuning them out, and focusing on your cockpit instruments in order to fly safely in low visibility.

Our proficient instructors will not only assist you in achieving your dreams but also train you according to the airlines standards.


40 Hours of dual flight time.(25 hrs with C172, 15 hrs with RedBird simulator)
Pass the knowledge
Complete the minimum requirements
Pass the Checkride

Commercial Pilot

Finally, earning this certificate gives you the privilege to get paid for flying or earn any type of compensation for carrying passengers or property. We here at Genesis ensures that you get the best professional training in order to achieve the standards set by FAA in all areas and also our instructors and staff is dedicated to educate you so that you have superior knowledge and insights into the airplane, weather, the FAA’s rules and regulations, and operations within the National Airspace System.

Remember, as a commercial pilot you will be evaluated on the basis of the advanced knowledge as well as your ability to smoothly and precisely control the airplane throughout a variety of maneuvers designed to push the airplane to its limits while maintaining orientation to your surroundings both inside and outside of the aircraft.


  • Log at least 250 hours of flight time as a pilot.
  • 20 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor (CFI)
  • Pass a Knowledge (written) Test
  • Pass a Practical (flight) Test

Sport Pilot License

Anyone who is just interested to fly as hobby, we have got your dreams covered as we offer sport pilot training for passionate pilots who just wants to explore the sky for fun.


  • 20 Hours of airplane Dual Flight Time
  • Knowledge Test
  • Ground School
  • Pass the checkride.
  • We have affiliation with state of Texas workforce solution- Vocation rehabilitation services.

We have affiliation with state of Texas workforce solution- Vocation rehabilitation services.